Support Diagnostic tool

I'm trying to run the support diagnostic tool on my ELK node.
The JAVA_HOME variable is set. But i get an error that says:
" Could not find or load main "
Please help.

This error is unrelated to JAVA_HOME means the jar file which contains the class is not in the classpath, ie do you use this and are the jar files in the lib folder:
"$JAVA" $DIAG_JAVA_OPTS ${DIAG_DEBUG_OPTS} -cp .:./lib/* "$@"

Hi Julien,
This is how the diagnostic.bat looks.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set JAVA_EXEC=java
if not defined JAVA_HOME (
set JAVA_EXEC=java
echo No Java Home was found. Using current path. If execution fails please install Java and make sure it is in the search path or exposed via the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
) else (
echo JAVA_HOME found, using !JAVA_HOME!
set JAVA_EXEC=!JAVA_HOME!\bin\java

if not defined DIAG_JAVA_OPTIONS (

"%JAVA_EXEC%" %DIAG_JAVA_OPTIONS% -cp .;.\lib* %*


I haven't made any changes.
Was hoping this would work by default.

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