Elasticsearch 5.4.1 service stuck in windows

Elasticsearch 5.4.1 was remove from Windows 2016 server as part of the removing MS DevOps Server 2019... While it was removed, somehow it is still listed in the local services on the server, attempt to start it fails as it can not find files .. DevOps server was installed again, but now search can not be configured as it gives error message suggesting to remove elasticsearch-service-x64 before to continue. There are instructions how to remove the service (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/project/search/administration?view=tfs-2018#unconfigure-search-on-the-machine-configured-as-your-azure-devops-server) but it was not helpful as it is removed but somehow still listed in the local services.. any advice how to remove it from the listing. Thanks.

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