Elasticsearch 5.x and Kopf

How could I use a plugin like Kopf or Marvel in the new 5th version? I read that they are not supported anymore. Is there a suggestion from Elasticsearch for such plugins. Because they help me a lot in administrating and query testing.

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You can use this tool instead of kopf

For marvel you need to install x-pack plugin

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Site plugins are/were simply HTML pages served via Elasticsearch itself.
Elasticsearch no longer works as a web server with version 5.x.

For most site plugins, you can still open the HTML files themselves
(usually the index.html file in the directory) in a browser and achieve the
same functionality. Are serve the files via a web server. The simple python
HTTP server works incredibly well. You might need to change the CORS
settings in Elasticsearch however.

Both worked perfectly. Thanks very much for the reply :slight_smile:

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