Elasticsearch 7.10.2 Installation - “jdk “ ” was unexpected at this time”

Hello, I'm trying to install Elasticsearch on premises. I've unziped it and I can't start it from command line:

C:\Program Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2\bin>elasticsearch.bat
Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2\jdk"" was unexpected at this time.

C:\Program Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2>echo %JAVA_HOME%
"C:\Program Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2\jdk"

cluster.name: esaxa
node.name: MORRIS
http.port: 9200

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Cenáculo

dcenaculo you have 2 options. You can install elastic search msi. package acquired at:
and run the msi package for installation,


you can set the Java_Home variable using the instructions found here:

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Try moving Elasticsearch into a directory that doesn't have a space in it's name.

Is this a known issue with Windows .zip installations?

I'm getting the same error on Windows Server 2016
C:\Program Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2


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