Elasticsearch analysis on kibana without logstash ( + alerts or notifications)

i am using elasticsearch and kibana version 6.8 , and all different other beats , without logstash , so beats passes directly through elasticsearch to visualize the given data on kibana , i want to know how can i analyse my data , and how can i create alerts for free in this version on centos 7 ?
if you have any idea or suggestion please tell me thank you !

I think that 7.8 is coming with some alerting features available for free. My recommendation is to upgrade anyway.

i think that this version is not stable , that's why it's risky to use it

What makes you think it is not stable?

i did a research + it's known that the latest version always is not stable

I'd have been super careful with 7.0.0 indeed although it's highly tested but 7.8 is another story.

If you want to give a try, just start a new instance on cloud.elastic.co. There is 14 days for free.

i am working for a company and they need full free solutions without a trial , so it's not suitable for me unfortunately

In that case you probably need to use some third party component, e.g. elastalert (have not used). There may be other options too that I am not aware of.

In my experience it is often the .0 release that has the most issues. Once you get to higher minor version numbers Elasticsearch is often quite stable, so switching to 7.8 should not be a problem.

i have tried configuring elasalert but i got problems i don't know what is the problem , i am still working with centos 7 and elasticsearch , kibana , beats all of them version 6.8.10

That I will not be able to help with and don’t have any other suggestions/options.

anyway thank you for your answers ! :smiley: :grinning:

I am not sure how you came to that conclusion, but it's a little weird.

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