Most stable version of ELK

Hello , please i am new to ELK , and i want to know what is the latest stable version of ELK to use and what does it offer for free as advantages ( ps: i have used ELK 6.8.x and it seems an old version and it didn't offer many features such as alerts , i don't know if alerts stay paid for all versions or no ) if you have an idea i need your advice and feedback !
Thanks !

All versions of elastic should be stable. I constantly use the newest version and I am fine. Some types of alerts are free and others (the usefull ones) have to be paid for. You can try Elast Alert which is a free alternative.

The latest stable is 7.8.0 and it has some alerting capabilities. See again the same answer to the same question: Elasticsearch analysis on kibana without logstash ( + alerts or notifications)

Want to know more about what is included in the basic (free license)? Have a look at


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