Elasticsearch getting very slow

what i observed:

  1. The kibana dashboards were not getting refreshed.
  2. Navigating the kibana UI was very slow.

what i observed on the server side .

what i did as a work around

after clearing the cache my ES/KIbana came back to normal

Can you please help me know the RCA for this , why ES was unable to use the buffered/cache memory ?

Linux uses buff/cache to accelerate disk operations, and normally it will not take memory away from processes that need memory. Have any non-standard configuration parameters been implemented that would change the way Linux manages memory?

Also, are you having storage performance issues? If you run top, what do you see for %wa while the issue is occurring?

While you're searching for the root cause, you could try to tune the cache to avoid having to manually flush or drop the cache:

I hope this helps. Please let us know what you find!

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