Elasticsearch-migration plugin not working on es 2.4.0/ 2.4.1

(Biswajit86) #1


I am trying to run the elasticsearch migration plugin on es-2.4.0 and es-2.4.1 clusters. I do not get any output from the plugin. I do not see any errors on the webpage or in the elastic logs. How can I figure out why it is not working ?


I do have cors enabled and the http.cors.allow-origin set to "*"

(Biswajit86) #2

If it helps, I am getting the following error in the webpage

Uncaught SyntaxError: Duplicate data property in object literal not allowed in strict mode : main.js:1546

(Horst Birne) #3

there is a updated version of migration plugin now that supports es2.4

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