Elasticsearch Migration Plugin installation steps

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In order to upgrade 2.3.z elasticsearch to 5.x, I have successfully installed elasticsearch migration plugin, but when linking to http://localhost:9200/_plugin/elasticsearch-migration/ I get a blank page.

Can someone let me know the following:-

  1. Do I have to install the plugin all the machines in the cluster?
  2. Do I have to restart all the machines in the cluster?

I have already tried the steps as mentioned here. But still I am getting a blank page.

I'd follow the instructions here as the first option - https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-migration/tree/2.x

Yes Mark that is what I have referred.

Did you restart the node as well?
It shouldn't need to be installed on all nodes, just the one you are trying to access via the browser.

No I did not restart the node. Let me try and check.

Restarting is not needed.

@Deb do you have CORS enabled on your node?

@val No. I think as per the doc cors is needed if I am trying to access a remote cluster. But I am trying in localhost.

Can you open your browser's developer tools? What do you see in the Network tab?

No cors is needed for local query and restart is also not needed for any of the nodes. It was a permission issue. Working now.

Thanks for all your help.

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