Elasticsearch-net Use the least-privileged account

NEST version: 7.10.0
elasticsearch version:7.5.1

My elasticsearch has enabled x-pack authentication, how to use the minimum permission configuration,

This is my permission configuration

I don’t know how to grant users the minimum permissions or the recommended permissions. I found that only administrator permissions can write logs. The permissions shown in the figure cannot be written to logs successfully.

Hi @yt_h ,

Could you clarify about stack version: is it 7.10 or 7.5.1? It is important to keep version consistency across Elastic products.

In order to add roles/users you should have a permission for it.

You can read about Kibana role-based access in docs

Regards, Dzmitry

Hi @Dzmitry
elasticsearch version: 7.5.1
How to assign the lowest role permissions to the Elasticsearch-net program

That depends on what your program does.

The Elasticsearch privilege model differentiates between different operations (e.g. searching, ingesting data, cluster management). There is no "lowest role permissions" that apply to all programs because different applications will need to do different things.

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