Elasticsearch node disk space?

How much disk space should be given to :

  1. Dedicated Client Node
  2. Dedicated Kibana Node

Will 10gb suffice?

Currently the setup is,

3 Master node, 15 gb ram, 100Gb hard disk
4 Data node, 62 gb ram, 1tb hard disk
2 client node + kibana, 62 gb ram, 100 gb hard disk

That should be ok. Maybe a little more for Kibana if you do reports/exports.

You mean 10Gb right? For kibana, yes it can be increased to 20gb.

Client node shouldn't require more than 10gb right?

I doesn't store anything from Elasticsearch other than the cluster state, plus some other temp data, but no, it won't.

Thanks for the reply. I would assume dedicated masters also won't need much space. Will 10gb for dedicated masters suffice?

Is there a article to know what kind of data is stored by each type of node?

That should be ok too.

Just for my personal knowledge, what is a client node? Its not mentioned here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/modules-node.html

Coordinating node. Check the docs.

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