Elasticsearch not adding cluster_name to datafiles location (path.data)

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Elasticsearch 6.4.3

I did not notice this before, but why is that, if I have in elasticsearch.yml file:

path.data: "/elastic/data/"

Then my files are created under:


In 1.7.2, I also have the same value for path.data:

path.data: "/elastic/data/"

But in 1.7.2, files are created under:


Why do they lose the cluster_name from this path..?

In 6.x, should I change path.data to..?

path.data: "/elastic/data/<<cluster_name>>/"

Or is there some other (better) approach for having cluster_name in its path..?
What are your recommendations.



(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Why do you need the cluster name in the data path?

(Raul Kaubi) #3

Hmm, would be nice, structurally, I guess..

But what would be the reason why they dropped this..?


(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

I do not know, but as you should not interact directly with the file system anyway, it should not matter.

(David Turner) #5

The reason for dropping the cluster name from the path in 5.0 was that it may contain weird characters that aren't legal in a directory name (or which are only legal on some operating systems). It was removed entirely because there's no need to have multiple clusters under a single path.

(Raul Kaubi) #6

Ok, fair enough, thanks for the explanation.


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