Elasticsearch ODBC Driver Version Conflict

I was trying to use the ODBC driver to run queries using Power BI, but, when configuring the DSN, I get the following error message:


"Version mismatch between server and driver" the version on the server is 6.4.3 and the one I have is 6.6.1, I have been trying to get the ODBC driver on 6.4.3 but I cannot find it anywhere. Where can I find it or is there a workaround?

Thanks for considering using our SQL implementation for Elasticsearch.

The ODBC driver has been made available in 6.5 release first, so there isn't any driver available prior to that, unfortunately.
Both the server side and the driver are currently in beta phase and have evolved significantly in last releases so an exact version match is required in order for the data transfer to be possible and correct.

So an alternative solution, if feasible in your deployment, would be to upgrade the server to latest 6.6.

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