Elasticsearch-oss-7.10.1-1.x86_64: installation: startup issue

When elastic instance start is attempted, I see exception as -

[2020-12-11T10:12:32,933][WARN ][o.e.i.m.MapperService    ] [fully-qualified-host-name] [.kibana_1] [[.kibana_1/9r8cU43FQlWzDMRvN-dxHA]] failed to apply mappings
Failed to parse mapping [_doc]: 
No handler for type [flattened] declared on field [local_metadata]

I am using OSS rpm for 7.10.1.

Is this a known issue? Please let me know. Thanks.

The flattened datatype is in the default distribution but not in the bare-bones OSS one that you're using. The default distribution is free, and recommended, so there's no reason not to upgrade.

I see and can you upgrade from OSS 7.x version to basic license versions? Thanks for your reply..

Note that I was trying a new installation with OSS version.. Does it mean that this rpm is not usable or there is a way to fix it? Thanks.

You'll need to uninstall that RPM and install the standard one instead, they're different packages. However if you've got any data from the OSS installation then you'll still be able to use it with the default installation.

Thank you.

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