Elasticsearch: Post migration to new server encountered: Field data loading is forbidden on <fieldname>

Hi All,

Recently had to migrate a 2-node elasticsearch cluster from old (old_machine_1, old_machine_2) to new servers(new_machine_1,new_machine_2). The data directories (~55GB each) was copied between the 2 sets of machines.

old_machine_1 => new_machine_1
old_machine_2 => new_machine_2

Elasticsearch version(1.6.1) remains the same on the new servers .

After elasticsearch is started on the new machines, queries fail with "IllegalStateException: Field data loading is forbidden on Field1" .

The following properties were changed in elasticsearch.yml when elasticsearch moved to the new servers

  1. node.name :
  2. path.data: pointing to the directory where data was copied
  3. discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: <new_machine_1>, <new_machine_2>

Was anything missed that caused this error ?
What can be done to fix the issue ?

Appreciate your inputs.

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