Elasticsearch stops working when Kibana is activated

I am running simple installation tests of Elasticsearch and Kibana, both in version 5.4.1. I performed the Elastic default install according to the site's instructions (docker run -p 9200: 9200 -e "http.host =" -e "transport.host =" docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/ Elasticsearch: 5.4.1).
As for Elastic, without Kibana it works normally and can be accessed (localhost: 9200). The problem occurs when I try to initialize the Kibana containcker that has been installed as follows (docker run -p 5601: 5601 docker.elastic.co/kibana/kibana:5.4.1). After initializing the Kibana the Elasticseache becomes inaccessible even knocking over the Elastic containner.

I searched for simplified setup and startup scripts, but none worked. In this case I appeal to you and ask for your help. Thank you so much.

Obs. I use Docker for Windows

Have you tried running the containers with the -d flag? This will tell docker to run the containers in the background so that you can run multiple at the same time.

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