Elasticsearch Visualization Search error with empty response

The batch query for rendering a visualization from the search programname:"proxy-server" AND status_int:[200 TO 299] and request_method:GET . The search works fine even with 7days period. But the visualization as below always return error.

{"batch":[{"request":{"params":{"index":"logstash-*","body":{"aggs":{"2":{"significant_terms":{"field":"object.keyword","size":100}}},"size":0,"fields":[{"field":"@timestamp","format":"date_time"},{"field":"rsyslog.timestamp","format":"date_time"}],"script_fields":{},"stored_fields":["*"],"_source":{"excludes":[]},"query":{"bool":{"must":[{"query_string":{"query":"programname:\"proxy-server\" AND status_int:[200 TO 299] and request_method:GET","analyze_wildcard":true,"time_zone":"UTC"}}],"filter":[{"match_all":{}},{"range":{"rsyslog.timestamp":{"gte":"2021-04-20T09:01:03.889Z","lte":"2021-04-20T10:01:03.889Z","format":"strict_date_optional_time"}}}],"should":[],"must_not":[]}}},"preference":1618905798661}},"options":{}}]

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 9.06.51 PM

Here's the Elasticsearch stats

  • The ELK stack is deployed via helm chart in K8S.
  • All nodes(pods) are in dlmr roles.
  • The diskIO looks fine. There're more than 80 NMVEs.
  • I'm trying to find the bottleneck but no luck. It seems the performance issue for me but not sure if it's from data node role. If yes, how to prove that?
  • Is there any useful logs for this situation?

Thanks // Hugo

Hi @Kuo_Hugo.

Which visualization type creates this request? Does the query work correctly in discover?

ELK version 8.0.0
It’s vertical bar.

Thx / Hugo

The 8.0.0 snapshot is unsupported, so there may be some issues present in bsearch that prevent the error from being reported properly and result in an empty response. Have you tried this in an older version?

Additionally, you can check the server output for any errors.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The Significant Terms aggregation consumes all the resources. We decided to use Terms instead. And it works for us in this case.

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