Metric visualization error

I am using ELK 6.6.1. I am trying to display my daily checklist report in kibana
where I get certain values of the fields via script running on the remote host, that script run at every 15 minute and on 16th minute it does update in kibana. Everything is running fine. But when I try to build a metric visualization for a field It gives me following for some field and for some fields the visualization is runnig fine. Please guide me for this issue.

Why it gives me just dash for the field long_query while long_process and long_query both the fields has a same value 0 in discover field.

The dash indicates that there's no data for the timeframe. I'm not sure why there's no data, but it seems likely that you need to make your time window larger on the client (in your browser) than your refresh interval on the server. So, if your server gets updates every 15 minutes, your browser can ask for the latest data within the past 16 minutes, giving the server a minute to do whatever work it needs to do. Does that make sense?

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