ElasticStack as our centralized monitoring platform


We have a quite big microservice architecture. I'm looking forward to use Beats + ElasticSearch + Kibana (in this first stage we'll not use x-pack) as our main monitoring platform.

We divided this ambitious objective in 3 stages:

Stage 1:

  • APM: Monitor time responses for each request and external services calls and Error Rates
  • Dashboards for business metrics (# of searches, # of purchases, conversion rates, etc)

Stage 2:

  • Server monitoring: CPU, Memory, Networking, Disk, etc
  • Alerts: from APM data, from business metrics or from server monitoring

Stage 3:

  • Authentication + Authorization to different dashboards: allow different access to different people by authenticating them through our own OAuth 2.0 platform, defining authorization roles and limiting access to different type of data.

Ok, that's the longtail summary of what we need.

Now diving into Stage 1, this is how we planned the architecture:

Is this the correct approach?

I still don't get how to track business metrics on ElasticSearch, It should be done with MetricBeat? The only option is JMX or is there any way to send an HTTP request with the information to MetricBeat?

Thanks in advance

If it works for you, then yep.

FYI it's Elasticsearch, we don't camel case the S (same with beats) :slight_smile:

Where are taking these metrics from exactly?

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