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We are planning to deploy an ELK architecture with enterprise features, our though is to deploy 9 Elasticsearch nodes with different roles, 1 kibana node and 2 logstash nodes, my question is How many nodes do we have to licence? Do we have to licence kibana and logstash nodes as well?

I would appreciate a lot if someone clear this for me to understand this licencing topic.

Thanks in advance.

Kibana and Logstash nodes does not count against the number of licensed nodes.

Some Elasticsearch roles also do not need an extra license, I think that coordinating-only and ingest-only nodes does not count against the number of licensed nodes.

I think that you will need a license for all master, data, transform and machine learning nodes.


Hi @Eduard_Abril

For Self Managed Node Licensing:

  • Production Nodes Are Licensed
  • Non Production Nodes Are NOT licensed
  • Licensed Node : Master, Data, Machine Learning, and Cross Cluster Search Nodes
  • Un-Licensed Node : Kibana, Beats, Logstash, Elastic Agent, Coordinating and /or Ingest Only Nodes, APM Server

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Hi @stephenb

Thank you very much for clear this to me.

Hey @leandrojmp Thanks a lot for your help.

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