Elastic license query

Hello All,

Can some please let me know when elastic paid/license is bought then license is bought only for elastic nodes or kibana as well.
Though I use beats,logstash also,here license for these are not required.Currently I use 7.9.1 version and would like to know if license is bought for 8.7.1 then only for elasticsearch license is required or also for kibana is required?

Many Thanx

You need to contact sales directly, but you do not need a license for kibana, logstash or beats, only for the elasticsearch nodes.

Kibana will use the same license on the cluster, the same for Logstash and Beats.

But only Elastic can answer you correctly.


How are you deployed are you running

a) self managed nodes? Completely self managed on hosts, VMs or Docker

B) ECK Elastic Cloud in Kubernetes

The short version is if you are running a)

The elastic licenses is per node, do we total up the number of these types of nodes.

  • Master Node
  • Data Node
  • Machine Learning Node
  • CCS/CCR Node

There is no license charge for logstash, Kibana, Beats, agents etc. For a self managed node deployment.

If you use ECK (which I do not think you are.. licenses are calculated different)

7.9.1 is EOL, so you could by licenses for features and support would be provided, but there would be no bug fixes etc.etc.

Elastic license is effectively independent of version.

Hope that helps if you need more than that, you can DM me and I will try to direct you to the proper sales team

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