Can kibana and logstash enjoy platinum license


I have been told that my company had purchased ELASTIC STACK platinum license for 9 nodes.
In these 9 nodes, 3 will be used for dedicated master nodes and 6 will be data nodes.

However, would kibana and logstash on another node enjoy the platinum license too?

Do i need additonal 2 more license if i were to only configure kibana as a coordinating node?

Yes, only Elasticsearch nodes count against the license.

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Thank you.

Another question:
Do i need additional license if i were to install elasticsearch on kibana nodes as a coordinating node?

As far as I know dedicated coordinating node do not count against the licensed number of nodes, but it would be better to get someone from Elastic to confirm this.

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Alright! Thank you, i will contact them for confirmation :slight_smile:

The following node types do NOT count against the contract:

-Dedicated Client/Coordinating nodes
-Dedicated Ingest nodes

This was replied from elastic and I thought that I should share this with everyone.

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