Email Action is no more?

I'm using Elatic Stack 6.4 (rolled upgraded from 6.3.2).

I've noticed that, I'm no longer getting any email alerts (removed/added elasticsearch node) in 6.4 as I did in 6.3.2 (no other changes were done, besides rolling upgrade from 6.3.2 to 6.4).

I looked at Breaking changes | Elasticsearch Reference [6.4] and Email Action | X-Pack for the Elastic Stack [6.2], couldn't find 6.4 counterpart.

Please advise.

The email action is still present - the features documented as "X-Pack" in versions 6.2 and below are now documented under "Elastic Stack". You can find the 6.3/6.4 documentation for the particular feature you're looking for at Email Action | Elastic Stack Overview [6.4].

I'm not aware of any changes in 6.4 that would prevent emails from firing as they were before - this would be difficult to troubleshoot without more information.

Are you running on trial or do you have a subscription?

it was trial and issue was with master node, after restart email alert started to work fine.

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