Email setup not working in elasticsearch.yml

Below is the snippet of my elasticsearch.yml related to email setup for alert triggerring.

profile: outlook
auth: true
starttls.enable: true
port: 25
user: account
password: password

but when I start elasticsearch it throws error like below (apology as I can not take actual data out so sharing screenshot)

Can anyone please help and suggest.

please properly format your message. as this is in the YAML file, the indentation is key for this one. first please use markdown for proper formatting, second, it might be useful to see the whole configuration uploaded somewhere.

Hi Spincale,

Did the same but it is getting change post upload. Formatted again for more clearer view.

Also other part of ES is working truly fine. Issue is coming only when I am adding this stanza.

sorry, but this is still not helping. First it is not properly formatted - you can use markdown here, also for code formatting.

Also I asked for the complete configuration file, as this would help tremendously.


Hi Spinscale,

Made some changes also provided screenshot of the yml file for your reference. Let me know if you can help with this! or let usknow if you need more details.

I got success in removing the yml error now. But facing issue while sending showing below error in the logs. Can someone please help!

Also to be precise I am able to send mail from server using telnet command but not through Kibana alert mechanism. Any input is much appreciated.

I think the smtp part is indented one way too much, see the examples at

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the link, I have already gone through this but I have one doubt over the same.

What is outlook_account_profile here do I need to create those anywhere on the exchange server or locally on the VDI? I don't have exchange server in the zone where my ES is installed. My configuration is not going ahead of the profile itself.

Thanks in advance!

It is pretty much impossible to help further without having access to the exact configuration file being used (not a screenshot, not a copy-paste somewhere), as long as there is such a start up error. If that error is gone, we can try executing a watch and see what the error message is in there.

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