Emails stopped sending today with SMTP error

Watcher emails have been working up until this morning. Every email attempt throws this error:

[ALERT Monetra Daily Ping] via account [work]]; nested: MessagingException[Could not connect to SMTP host: dockerhost, port: 10025, response: -1]; ”

Is there a problem currently with SMTP in general or is this just me?

if this is a cloud instance I'd raise a support request, if this is a local install I'd check your SMTP server is working.

Thanks Ant, I'm trying to track down our instance owner to get the info I need to open a support ticket. Unfortunately that's taking much longer than I hoped, so I was trying here to see if maybe this was something not specific to just our account.

I'm guessing this is cloud then, I don't have any watches firing on mine at the moment to confirm if it's just you or not I'm afraid. I'm not sure how much joy you will have but if you have access to kibana then the URL for that must be a unique Identifier for your instance so I'd be tempted to email with the problem and that URL incase they can back trace it from that. Not ideal but may still work for you
Elastic Support is their email. if you can supply the deployment name if you know it or the domain that the account tracks back to assuming its a company email and not something like then that could help also.

Sorry can't be more help

Will do, thanks Ant.

Turns out this was a known issue and is being addressed. My test emails are now being delivered. It is shown on the status page

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