Empty values and reload


I am loading datas into Elastic (stats from LDAP) and I am facing 2 problems :

  • When, for some reasons, my stats are not generating for a day, a json with no values is pushed to Elastic, and on my dashboard a dot pointing to zero breaks my line chart. How can I configure my visualize not to display values when they are zero/null?

  • If I want to generate these stats manually and push it to Elastic to fix the dot at zero issue, how can I reload it ? For now, I tried it and it doesn't work, like if it was not aware that the file changed.

I have created only one index for now, for all my docs.

And this is an example of my json :

{ "dateofextract":"", "datestart":"", "datestop":"", "logtype":"ldap_stats", "number_opened_connections":2301956, "number_bind":2934280, "number_unbind":2003083, "number_search":91438500, "number_add":5729, "number_delete":5701, "number_modify":50821, "number_directory_manager_binds":10403 }
{ "dateofextract":"", "hostname":"hostname1", "ip":"", "nb_conn":114210 }
{ "dateofextract":"", "hostname":"hostname2", "ip":"", "nb_conn":97498 }
{ "dateofextract":"", "hostname":"hostname3", "ip":"", "nb_conn":97058 }
{ "dateofextract":"", "hostname":"hostname4", "ip":"", "nb_conn":71513 }
{ "dateofextract":"", "hostname":"hostname5", "ip":"", "nb_conn":62482 }

I'm noob in ELK, so please be nice with me :blush:


Anyone can help me on this?

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