Enable Cross Cluster Search vs Monitoring

Just installed a ES cluster 8.6.1 and a Kibana 8.6.1, trying to enable cluster monitoring, but attempting to access monitoring app from kibana, it just tells me that my cluster has monitoring.ui.ccs.enabled=true. Dunno howto revert this settings and forgot if I actually did began to turn this on few days ago, when I initially considered to allow this new cluster to be Cross Cluster Searchable from a former single node PoC cluster...

Hints appreciated, TIA!

Hi Steffen,

you can change configuration in .yml file if you wanted to disable CCS.
Check whether your user has above mentioned roles or not , if not add them to access monitoring. go to Stack Management -> users

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Solved with this option in kibana.yml + restart, user had required roles.

Assume default true is good to urge people to use a separate monitoring cluster maybe, but it properly confuse a lot of community lusers, maybe add default value into sample/default kibana.yml with comments on usage/purpose of setting :slight_smile:

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