Enable scripting

Hi there,

In order to enable inline scripting...
I updated the conifguration, and then restarted my cluster (ca0c0d37806dbc...).

But it seems like the configuration has not been picked up. I still get a 400 error ("scripts of type [inline], operation [search] and lang [groovy] are disabled").

Has the cluster actually restarted?


I see that after I hit the "Update" button, you guys "launch a new node with those settings into your cluster & migrate the data across".

Our cluster (ca0c0d37806dbc…) is quite big, like 700gigs.

How long will it take to migrate the data across and restart?

And how can we tell when this process is complete?

ok it seems to have worked now.

This took about 15 minutes. Is that normal?

And when we do this in future, is there a way to know when the process is in progress, and when it is complete?

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