Enabling SSL Security between Elasticsearch & Kibana when both are on the same server

I am trying to enable security and SSL for my Elastic Stack so that I can't take advantage of the additional functionality and protection that this affords us (e.g. Endpoint Security, Fleet, Integration, etc.)

Earlier in the year when I tried to do this I was running into all kinds of problems getting it set up and traced my issue to the fact that I am running both Kibana & Elasticsearch on the same machine so the communication path never leaves the server. Unfortunately I got pulled off onto something else before I could get it figured out.

Fast forward to present day and I am working on this again and it has added criticality now. Still haven't been able to get this figured out so figured it was time to reach out to the community for an assist.

My stack is running on a Windows box and I am using the latest version of Elasticsearch & Kibana - 7.16.2

Bill Youngman

If you follow this guide here step by step you will be able to set up and learn how to manage security in Elasticsearch. You start from Minimal Security and go up. All is perfectly explained. If you run in to any problems just ask.

All the best.

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Hi @byoungman welcome back...

Here is the docs they derekmizak is referring to

It is a new step by step instruction found here You should be good if you follow it carefully.

You will probably want to proceed up to the steps Set up basic security plus HTTPS

Also I have written a How To Here before that was available you can also take a look ... it is on a Linux OS but all the concepts remain the same.

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@stephenb ups :slight_smile: I hate when I forget to add a link or attachment :wink: Thank you

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Good to be back @stephenb.

Followed the steps outlined in the Elastic documentation and the How To that you had written Steve and it worked like a charm I know have basic security with HTTPS going.

Pretty sure that the last time that I attempted this I was way over complicating it and going down too many rabbit holes.

Thanks to both of you for the assist.

Happy New Year,


@byoungman Awesome! and a Happy, Healthy Safe New Year to you as well!

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