Encrypted data in Stack 7.7.1 - TLS/ SSL

Hello Guys,

I'm installing the 7.7.1 version in my enviroment and not finded a documentation for security to the version. I created 3 nodes in a my cluster and need create network transport security in all stack (e.g SSL/ TLS).

Someone can help me with the question?


You can start with this section of the documentation:


I created the entire configuration for the security connection. But my kibana URL shows http yet, http: localhost: 5607 and not https: // localhost: 5601. Attached, you can see my kibana and elasticsearch configuration files.

Do you have any idea where is issue?

Thank you.

Please avoid posting pictures of text - it can be hard for some to read and it's not searchable. Instead, you can use the formatting features here on the forum to post blocks of text.

You also need to setup TLS in Kibana. See here:

All stack components must have TLS enabled separately.

Please use the kibana keystore to store your password:


And update your password as now everybody know about.

Hello, Gabriel.

Thank's for help, but my enviroment is only localhost and test. My production enviroment is using keystore.

@Coinology, thank you very much.

Sorry about the pictures.

I will test the solution in tonight.