How to Enable SSL only for Kibana not Elasticsearch

Hello, I have a go application which is using elastic client, I want to enable the ssl for communication between kibana and elasticsearch but not go client with elasticsearch.

Note: Editing go code is not in option.

Can anyone help me with that, any help will be greatly appreciated.

I don't think you can do that, but I'm unsure...
What's the goal for this? I mean as soon as you have an insecure component in your platform, your platform is at risk...

Actually, We have setup the elasticsearch and kibana with the SSL on both http and TLS but unable to connect the go application with the elasticsearch as I think to do so, it require to change the code in go for elastic agent.

(Either mentioning the ssl certificate or using the ignore ssl boolean.)
Which is not possible in our present situation.

Security is not a concern within the cluster as it is private and secure, but with kibana yes it is required.

So Is there any option to setup elastic client on go, with just username and password (Basic auth) and enabling ssl between kibana and elasticsearch

Looking for the responses, Any help is greatly appriciated.
Thanks in Advance.

I don't know if you can do it. I'd not. I'd definitely change the Go code.

But here are some pointers in case you'd like to explore:

I don't think you can activate this only without a secured communication with Elasticsearch.

I'd suggest that you try this by yourself but again be aware of the security hole you'd be creating in such a case.

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