Enhanced table button functionality in row or near serach bar

Hello @fbaligand ,

I have a requirement and need suggestion if this is possible or not in ENHANCED TABLE.
I have dashboard using enhanced table, in one particular usecases I would not like to store user data directly in elasticsearch due to security of data. Instead I will send for example some hyperlink,I am aware how to do this(exmple "click" hyperlink). On click of this an POP UP should display the paramerts passed like username,phone etc.

So basically I am finding a way in table to create a button and on click of that POP should display the required details.Mostly javascipt code logic how I can use here for pop up and button feature.
Not sure if above is possible, but if possible if this could be future scope functionality this would be great.

In enhanced table Addition of buttons after search bar or in rows itself.This I have seen frequent requirement in tables of any kind and is good feature.
I'm sharing example anular table that we created ,same if possible in enhanced table in future scope will be great.Below image success like button in rows or near search bar for some action either route to external URL or POP UP.


Well, in enhanced table, in options tab, you can create a “computed column”, in which, you check “use template” and in template field, you are free to use your custom html/css to draw a button. You can insert into this html the column value using {{value}} syntax.
Then, if your “button” is a simple link (a tag), I know that if works fine and you can add target=_blank so that it opens in a new tab.
But if you want a popup (using JavaScript), I’m not sure that it works. But you can try a link with javascript: in href field. But I don’t know if you will be able to do the popup you wish. Enhanced table does not provide a js framework for rendering a popup.

Then, for the other buttons. As mentioned in the paragraph above, you can have a button per row.
For additional buttons global to the table, if I look your screenshot, you already have a global button to download data as csv, and also another button to define a custom timerange for your visualization (only in dashboard). Refresh button already exists also but for the whole dashboard.
But sorry, it is not possible to add extra buttons outside the rows.

Finally, you have to know that in computed columns (template field), you can draw font awesome icons/buttons (v4) :


Many thanx for your quick response, I will look into this as per your recommendation.
Even if per row(like success button in image) somehow button can be made and redirect to external url it would be fine.
Download and refresh are just example I gave if such placeholder buttons can be implemented for redirection in table and are not required for me.


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