Enhanced Table Visualization

Hi @fbaligand,
I'm very thank you for creating Kibana Enhanced Table Plugin.
But I wonder why about the order of columns when I used split cols function.
The data of datetime field is 2020-11-05, 2020-11-06, 2020-11-07, 2020-11-09, 2020-11-10, 2020-11-11. And when I split cols by date histogram with datetime field and minimum interval is days, the order of column is 2020-11-05, 2020-11-06, 2020-11-09, 2020-11-10, 2020-11-11, 2020-11-07.
Please help me to explain about this case. Thank you.

You will find explication and solution in this comment :

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Thank you for your solution. I fixed this error.
Can you help me to know any function to meet my requirement

  1. Mark some columns contain number with different color. This plugin only support CSS format for computed cell or all row.
  2. This plugin has new function for expand or not some row base on split rows like pivot table in excel. I think this table will be better

For your first wish, you can use Kibana field format in index patterns. It lets you choose font color given value.
Or else, you add a computed column that references your classic column (ex: col1), you use computed css, and finally, you hide initial column (hidden columns setting).

For your second issue, it is clearly not simple to implement this feature. But there is an existing issue for that on GitHub repository. Feel free to add a +1 on it.

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I very appreciate for your support.
With first issue, if I split column by date histogram and want to add computed columns after each columns. Is there any way for display header of each columns same as initial columns?

If you want one computed column per split col, I invite you to check option « computed/hidden columns per split col ».

If you do that, for each split col bucket, you will have one column for each metric, and one column for each computed column declared.
And the column header with bucket name is kept, but concatenated with metric or computed column label.