Enhanced Table computed column issue

i'm trying to get the duration in s using the formula but is not working, can someone help pls, thank you.

Hi, unfortunately the Enhanced Table plugin is a third-party plugin and we don't support it directly.
You can try to ask Discussions · fbaligand/kibana-enhanced-table · GitHub
I'm not familiar with this plugin but looks like it is cannot pick up the two date columns correctly.
You probably could just check what is going on if the Format the computed column is just a string or number, to see if the actual difference is computed. If you see something like a milliseconds number then the problem is with the pattern applied, if you still see NaN it looks like the formula is wrong or the code can't detect the two columns as dates.

cc @fbaligand


I just tested with enhanced table last version (V1.11), and it works fine.
I can do "col3 - col1", given that col3 and col1 have "date" mapping.
Do you use "Enhanced Table" or "Document Table" visualization ?
Maybe you could upgrade to last Enhanced Table plugin ?

By the way, as the result is a "duration", and not a "date", I invite you to use "Number" in "Format" field.

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