Kibana data table

I create a data table visualisation kibana. I add split table option on timestamp, but after it.It is creating problem on export option.
When I export it, timestamp field not showing in correct format and one column data is missing.

Thanks in advance
Vikram Singh

Hi @vikram_singh, I'm not sure to understand the workflow, it would help some screenshots.

I tested on 7.9.1 and the Kibana Flights demo dataset to create a Data Table visualization with a few columns and split rows by day and table by week and the CSVs exported were all looking OK

I exported from the first split table the CSVs, first raw and next formatted, with this result:


If you could elaborate more your workflow, Kibana version, etc. we may be able to assist you further.

OK thanks for the extended info, I could reproduce the error on 7.6.

This error was reported and fixed for 7.9. Unfortunately, that fix was not backported to 7.6 so I'm afraid you'll need to upgrade to get the correct behavior.

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