Weird behavior with "Show partial rows" in data table

Dear all,

I'm using Kibana 7.5.1 and I'm facing weird behavior when using datatable visualization:

  • When I activate "Show partial rows", it seems that the 'Formatted' export is disabled (nothing happens when I click on this action, only 'Raw' export is possible)

  • When I activate "Show partial rows" and I export 'Raw' data, metrics fields are added in the result file (there are not displayed in the visualization).
    Column names alternate "Name1", "count", "Name2", "count", .... but metrics values are in columns after the data

Data table
Name1, Name2
Foo, Bar

Name1, count, Name2, count
Foo, Bar, 1, 1

Thank you for your help

What does your index mapping look like? What does a sample document look like? What does your visualization configuration look like?

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