Enhanced table

Hi @fbaligand
i would like to use enhanced table in 8.1 version .... will you able help me?


Well today, enhanced table is not compatible with kibana 8.1, nor 8.0.

Excuse me @fbaligand, and with enhanced table can I make a pivot table? I need to create the following table, and the variables are arrays.


I want to transpose these variables horizontally, but each one of them has the time below it like this:

06:05:01 | 06:10:02

Well, yes, you can do a pivot table.
On "Data" tab, in "Buckets" sections, add a "Split Cols" bucket.
If you want to have the different values of "paradas" as columns, choose "Terms" aggregation with "paradas" field.
Finally, if you want to be sure that columns are sorted by name, check "Order split cols" option in "Options" tab.

Thanks, I got here, but I want the time to be under each "parada", which I have in an array, each time is different for each "parada"


instead of displaying the count , output the time

Well, in the « Metrics » section, replace « Count » aggregation by « Top Hits » aggregation and choose « time » field.

the entire array is assigned at each "parada", but I want each date to be assigned to a "parada"

Well, it surprising…

Are all paradas and times are on the same document?
With an array of paradas and an array of times?

If it is the case, it’s normal to see that.

To make it work, you need a document for each parades - time pair.

Yes, the paradas and time are in the same document in an array.

as I am doing the visualization of a vehicle trip, then this vehicle is going to have different paradas and each parada its time, so I could not separate in another document

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