Enquire about Kibana 5.6.15 license

We are currently on Kibana 5.1.2 and have plans to upgrade it to 5.6.15. Could someone please confirm if 5.6.15 is licensed or free? i know 6.6.1 is licensed but I dont see any licensse related information in kibana portal.

@sandipatmca you can use your license for 5.1.2 with 5.6.15 as long as it hasn't expired.

Thanks Brandon.I have some questions on ELK Subscription. I checked subscription information on
https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions .
As per my understanding all the ELK application (Kibana.Logstash.ElasticSearch) version until latest release (version 7.2.0) is free and do not require license. There is no license required for ELK but there is subscription for Gold & platinum. And those subscription provide you some additional feature e.g. Alerting ,machine learning etc. and 24*7 for ELK. If some one wants to use ELK with basic feature they can use it for unlimited time period even in production environment. I hope that's correct understanding.

Hi Brandon ,Appreciate if you could help clarifying doubts

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