Error fetching fields for index pattern

Hello there,

i was working with Kibana and suddenly i'm getting in my Kibana Management element always an error.

This happens when i press the Button to refresh the field of an existing index pattern.

Or when i want to creat a new index pattern for kiabana:

the error message Looks like this:

Error fetching fields for index pattern XYZ* (ID: 58aa9230-620a-11ea-841b-19f42eee2952)

Bad Request

Error: Bad Request
    at http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:1368383

This Problem is stopping me working further in my Project

thanks for all help

What version of Kibana are you running? How did you install Kibana? Have you tried restarting the Kibana server?

I'm Running my Stack in Docker Containers and Version 7.6.0

I restarted everything a few times, but the error is still there.

Hi, I am having the same Problem after the Upgrade to 7.7.0 and even after 7.7.1.

But only in one Space. in the other spaces, adding or updating a pattern works fine.

Sounds like there may be an issue. Could you please create an issue at

I'll set up my docker infrastucture again with a new volume and will check out if the error disappeared
thanks a lot

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