Error in Kibana after X-PACK installation

Hi Team,

I am seeing below error after x-pack installation on Kibana.

Any idea where the problem can be ?

Kind Regards,
Asif Bhat

Hi Asif

Please do not post screenshots of error messages. They are hard for people who follow the forums on email, and for those who are reading on mobile devices, and they break search, which means other people who have the same issue will not be able to find the solution.

Please copy and paste the text of the errrors, and format it using the </> button.

Also, it would probably be easier for the people trying to help you and the ones reading the posts afterwards if you keep your questions regarding the same issue in the same topic. You have already opened this and this and this , and all of them yesterday. All these have similar and intertwined issues you came upon during installation and would better handled in the same place instead of having to go through the basics of what have you done so far, what is your stack version, what is your architecture, etc.

Regarding this specific issue, it looks like something went wrong when you reinstalled X-Pack for kibana.
You can resolve this by deleting the optimize/bundles directory and the optimize/.babel-cache.json file in your kibana directory and restart Kibana.

This is a known issue that is being tracked in

Thanks Ioannis.

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