Error in one alert rule object crashes the rule list


After playing around with alerting and browser monitors in uptime, my alert rules page got completely broken. On every request it raises an error similar to:

Could not find reference for kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.index

These errors provide saved object IDs which point to the alerts I've tried to silence right before everything broke down.

Is it possible to somehow reanimate/delete alert in this state? So far I've tried the saved objects UI and the API. The UI says there's a hidden object which can't be deleted, the API says "object not found".

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Normally just rebooting your Kibana server should fix/reinstall all the predefined alerts if that's one of the ones you have issues with.


My issue is with the custom alert, unfortunately. Right now i can see Alerts in the Kibana Observability panel, but not in the Stack Monitoring. All these alerts are ES query alerts, and i think the query itself was just not saved (the rule is there, but not the query it tries to run).
The easiest solution would be to just delete these rules, i think, but Kibana doesn't allow this.

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