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I am new to kibana, logstash and elasticsearch, i am trying to implement on my kibana and i am getting the following error when i open the kibana dashboard. Appreciate any help given, thank you.

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Can you share your Kibana version? looks like the fix, but it doesn't seem to cover significant terms.

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I opened for tracking

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The exclude.pattern syntax that is being used in the significant_terms aggregation was available in Elasticsearch 2.0 - 5.6.x. It is no longer available in 6.x and greater (looks like you're running 6.x based on the screenshot).

You'll need to update the saved objects for this visualization to use the new syntax (see the doc linked above).

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Jon has good point, Kibana should handle this for you (this is a bug), but if you'd like to fix it today, I suggest editing the objects by hand.

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