Error installing plugin shield in Kibana

Good Morning. I'm having trouble putting an authentication method for login and password in my Kibana interface. When I install the shield plugin returns me the error:

root@elk:/opt/kibana# bin/kibana plugin --install kibana/shield/latest
Installing shield
Attempting to extract from
Downloading 6118205 bytes....................
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "unknown export types chromeNavControls in plugin shield"

Kibana : 4.3.1
ElasticSearch : 2:40

Hi Samuel,

I think you might have some versioning problems. Your version of Kibana and Elasticsearch are not guaranteed to be compatible. See;
(look at the PRODUCT COMPATIBLY section)

If you're really on Elasticsearch 2.4.0, then you should be using the latest Kibana release 4.6.1 from

The next issue could be that kibana/shield/latest probably wouldn't be correct for that older version of Kibana.

It's important that the Elasticsearch Shield plugin and the Kibana Shield plugin are in sync.