Shield 2.2.0 plugin for Kibana fails install due to error "unknown export types chromeNavControls in plugin shield"

Installation of shield 2.2.0 plugin for Kibana fails due to some export type. Here's entire install command and output:

bin/kibana plugin --install shield --url file:///home/username/shield-2.2.0.tar.gz
Installing shield
Attempting to extract from file:///home/username/shield-2.2.0.tar.gz
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "unknown export types chromeNavControls in plugin shield"

Installed shield 2.1.1 plugin to ES 2.1.1 last week, and it has been working as expected. Have been able to configure read and full-access roles for Kibana4, and they function as intended. Now wish to have Kibana prompt for id/pwd and that is why I was installing the shield plugin for Kibana (following the Using Shield with Kibana docs).

I'm using Kibana 4.3.1

Anyone have any idea why I'm seeing the failure above? Appreciate any feedback.

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Hi Kevin,

To use the Shield Kibana plugin, you will need to be running Kibana 4.4 and Elasticsearch 2.2. Apologies that the error message and compatibility matrix isn't more clear! We're working on it :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,

We'd like to give Shield a try with our current ELK deployment (Kibana 4.2, ElasticSearch 2.0). It seems only shield 2.1.1 is compatible with the versions of our ELK deployment.

However, we had spent days searching the internet,, but we didn't find the installation binaries of shield 2.1.1(or lower) for Kibana.

Could you share us the download link for shield that works with our ELK deployment?

Thanks in advance.

With Shield/Watcher/Marvel 2.x, you want them to match the version of Elasticsearch, so you need the Kibana plugin for Marvel version 2.0:

If you are able to upgrade to ES 2.2 / Kibana 4.4 (and the matching Marvel version 2.2), I suggest you do so - there have been many improvements to Marvel, and there are lots of new features in ES (like the Query Profile API) and Kibana (customizable chart colors and legend values).

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for your reply and suggestion.

Unfortunately, we'll have to stick with ES 2.0/Kibana 4.2 for a while, although we're keeping an eye on the new versions of ELK.

From my understanding, the download link is for Marvel 2.0, not Shield 2.0 or 2.1. Does it include Shield as well? Or where can I download the Shield 2.0 or 2.1?


The Shield version must match the ES version. The Kibana Shield Plugin was introduced in Shield 2.2, so you will need ES 2.2 and Kibana 4.4 to use it.

For Shield, I suggest following the getting started guide.

OK, got it. Thanks for the clarification.