Error installing X-Pack 5.1.1 for Kibana in windows

I'm looking for advice on how to overcome this error while installing X-Pack for Kibana -

D:\Elastic5.1\kibana-5.1.1-windows-x86>bin\kibana-plugin.bat install file:///C:/Users/admcvartak/Downloads/

Attempting to transfer from file:///C:/Users/admcvartak/Downloads/
Attempting to transfer from
Error: Client request error: unable to get local issuer certificate
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Client request error: unable to get local issuer certificate"

I see the same error when installing directly.
Installing X-Pack for ES was not an issue.



I dont have a windows system to test, but can you strip out one of the three slashes in file:/// and see how that works?



I tried with 2 slashes. It still didn't work.

This issue only happens at the workplace. Looks like the issue is related to certificates not being loaded at the enterprise level. I could install x-pack when working from home.

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