Error : No results found in Kibana

I can read the data from sql server with logstash and elasticsearch but I cann't visualize them with kibana.

Help me please !
Best regards.


First few things you can check are:

  1. Is Kibana connected to the correct instance of Elasticsearch? By default, Kibana connects to the Elasticsearch instance running on localhost (
  2. Are you looking at the correct index? I've made this mistake plenty of times, where I had accidentally selected the wrong index for which I had no logs.
  3. Is your time range correct? Also made this mistake: you may not have any logs for the past couple of hours for example, so if your time range is the last half hour, you are not going to see any logs.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yes it's because time range isn't coorect.
Thanks a lot !

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