Kibana show -> No results found

I install ELK 5.2.1 for test,and I get "No results found" on kibana Discover:

I sure logstash and elasticsearch working properly and I have data in elasticsearch:

And kibana can get index from elasticsearch:

Did I miss something?Because I configure this testing services same as my old services.

Hmmm... that is very odd indeed. On your Discover page, could you open your browser's Developer Tools, look at the Network tab and find the request that whose URL ends in "_field_stats?level=indices"? What is the body of this request and the body of its response?

Yes,it is very very strange!

I have a busy day to rebuild my home services.I juest check kibana and found it show up all data...

But I didn't do anything.

I found the reason!

The server's time is wrong,when I config a NTP server and sync,this error was resolved.


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