Couldn't find any Elasticsearch data (Reboot)


I have ELK (6.2.4) cluster in AWS using ECS and Kibana is giving me "Couldn't find any Elasticsearch data" error.

Elasticsearch version:


I have the sample data ingested already into Elasticsearch:

and can query it too from Kibana Dev Tools:

So Kibana should NOT have a problem finding it to Index.

My configurations are:




Please note that X-Pack is installed but NOT used.

Please let us know the solution to this bug as we are at a road block.

Cheers Cory

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read and some people may not be even able to see them.

Are you sure you have the correct time range selected? The data looks a little old and the default time range is the last 15 min.

There is recent data (10/22/2018) confirmed by Dev Tools below:

I could not select the time range as Kibana could not check for new data / couldn't find any Elasticsearch data.

We are stuck here with no time range options:

When I click on "Check for new data", we just get "Couldn't find any Elasticsearch data".

Any updates on the reported issue Elastic Team ?

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