ERROR: Skipping security auto configuration because it appears that the node is not starting up for the first time. The node might already be part of a cluster and this auto setup utility is designed to configure Security for new clusters only


I use es8.1.1 mast node had Started ,but failed to join cluster from node

mast node is :

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Because, as the message is saying, you have previously started this node.

elasticsearch-reconfigure-node is only meant to be run for nodes that have been installed with either a DEB or an RPM package and should be run directly after installation of the subsequent nodes.

If and only if this is installed with a DEB package, The easiest/simplest way forward for you is to

  1. remove/purge the installation ( you need to purge so that the data and config dirs are removed too ) on ubuntu-sv-222 with apt remove --purge elasticsearch
  2. Install it again
  3. Run the elasticsearch-reconfigure-node tool before starting Elasticsearch
  4. Start Elasticsearch

The data of the folder that solved my previous installation problem, because it has not been deleted, I hope to help new students who install it,thanks。

thank you

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