Error when exporting Visualize in Kibana

I have an error when I tried exporting a Visualize in another ES. The VisState type is invalid. May I know if I missed something? Where should this VisState type be defined?

Both (source and destination) have the same version.

Error: Importing CT SOR - Audit Log Alert (Severity 2 or above) (2e081180-01b1-11e8-bf40-859c389e8d0c) failed: Invalid type "chix-alert"
Error: Invalid type "chix-alert"
at VisFactory.Vis.setState (
at SavedVis._updateVis (
at processQueue (
at Scope.$eval (
at Scope.$digest (
at Scope.$apply (
at done (
at completeRequest (

Hey there, what version are you using? This is very strange- the error tells you that the type you try to import is "chix-alert", but this is not a type native for Kibana. Maybe you have some custom plugin installed in the source version, but not on the version you import to?

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